Centipede is on fire! Thanks, Chris!

Centipede is on fire! Thanks, Chris!

Fished a local lake today and killed it with 2 different baits. Early morning, the fish only wanted one bait and were shallow. So shallow that I caught two bass that had their backs out of the water.
The early morning bite was on a @tackle_max Centipede, Texas rigged on 10lb test with a 1/8 Oz @omegacustomtackle tungsten worm weight.
I actually took this bait off and tried a baby brush hog and a 10" worm to see if I could keep getting bit like I was on the Centipede. I could not catch a single bass until I put the Centipede back on.

I'm so impressed at how this bait has been getting devoured. Definitely has a permanent home in my boat.

Chris Himstedt


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