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Mullet Jig - Pure Tungsten

•Industry first! The new Tackle Max Mullet Jig!

•Made of pure tungsten
•Full skirt…Finesse skirt? The Mullet jig covers it all!
•Hand Crafted in the USA!
•Hand Tied Skirt
•Made with Mustad hooks
•Tungsten provides better feel and hook up ratio due to being 40% smaller than lead
•Shows up better on Forward Facing Sonar than lead.
•Available in 2 styles, 2 Sizes and 4 colors!

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Tackle Max Craw 3.5"

The Tackle Max Craw represents the second generation of this classic fish catcher. Realism like no other!! The size of this bait was designed through years of research and testing. This bait looks the part and acts the part as well! Fish can’t seem to resist its action and looks!

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Buzz Feed

The Tackle Max “Buzz Feed” is a brand new concept in bass fishing! It’s one of the first of its kind, a top water umbrella rig that will revolutionize buzz bait fishing.

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Maximum engineered baits for the serious fisherman!

At Tackle Max, we employ cutting edge technology for the creation of our baits. We have over 30 years’ experience in the Reverse Engineering field which allows us to make highly effective baits of the perfect size to invoke the predatory instincts of all types of gamefish.

  • Shark Tail Worm

    This bait is one of the most versatile baits in your arsenal. Designed for the perfect balance of realistic action and good looks. The Shark Tail Worm excels before, during, and after the spawn. It‘s perfect for a drop shot, shaky head, Texas rigged, or a chatter bait or spinner bait trailer. This bait comes in 2 sizes, 6.5” and 5.25”

  • Tackle Max Hellgrammite

    This bait perfectly “matches the hatch” of this classic fish catching creature. Designed from a laser scan of a Dobson Fly larvae. It’s a classic river bait, or is the perfect finesse application for highly pressured fish.

  • Tackle Max Centipede

    A laser scanned centipede was used to create this classic bait! It’s a Carolina rigging masterpiece! But also works well Texas rigged or with a shaky head or wobble head.

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Fishermen Love Tackle Max

Smallmouth bass fishing with Tackle Max Hellgrammite.

Shark Tail Worm

Tackle Max Hellgrammite

Tackle Max Centipede